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NEW TruEcho CHIRP Fish Finders

Boost your fish finding success with the new FURUNO FCV-600 and FCV-800 TruEcho CHIRP and CW Fish Finders.

Two brand new stand-alone Fish Finders sporting the latest fish finding technology with easy to use controls, high bright sunlight display and a choice of TruEcho CHIRP or traditional CW (pulse) technology ensures the best of both worlds.

Feature packed with technology that interprets the echoes, seabed and fish targets in clear high definition colours ensures that you won't miss the fish or the most productive fishing grounds.

TruEcho CHIRP - Operates across a wide range of frequencies using a broadband transducer for better signal clarity & target definition.

Heave Correction with Satellite Compass - The Heave Correction function has been a must have feature with Furuno's commercial fish finders such as the FCV-1150 and FCV-1900 but now this useful feature is available with the compact stand-alone FCV-600 and FCV-800 models, especially now that the compact Satellite Compass, Furuno SCX-20 (NMEA2000) and SCX-21 (NMEA0183) are available at affordable pricing. HEAVE CORRECTION can now be easily offered to smaller boats.

Heave Correction in very shallow water (SCX-20 input)

Combine TruEcho CHIRP & CW transducers - to see CHIRP targets, ACCU-FISH, and Bottom Discrimination functions (FCV-800 only)

RezBoost Signal Processing - Improved clarity & resolution for conventional CW transducers

Accu-FISH - A unique fish size and depth assessment function

Bottom Discrimination - Provides recognition of bottom composition with 4 types of graphic displays (Rock/Sand/Gravel/Mud)

Bottom Hardness Output - for external plotters such as TZ Professional (FCV-800 only)

Colour Expansion - Expands echo colours to easily identify fish from seabed

White Line Feature - Finds fish lying close to the bottom by displaying the top edge of the bottom in white to clearly show bottom structure

Post Processing Gain - Adjust the gain setting to scree history

Sounder History Function - Scroll back to see what you may have missed

Configurable Alarm Function - Depth, Fish echo, Speed, Arrival, etc.

TLL (Target Lat/Lon) Output: Interface with your Furuno Chart Plotter to mark fishing ground with various information such as Depth, Water Temp, Fish Size, and Bottom Type (requires chart plotter and compatible tdrs)

Fast Transmission Rate - 3,000 PRR (Pulse Repetition Rate) per minute

Colours - Sunlight and Yellow colour palettes for superior target discrimination

Download Brochure

Cat FCV600 FCV800 CA000002228 (1)
Download PDF • 2.42MB

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